In todays Investment landscape, there are many tools and different investment and trading platforms that can assist you in finding different investment opportunities you wouldn’t find any other way!

In this short list, I took the liberty to assemble different mobile apps I find particularly useful for investing, finding critical information and analyzing the market. 

I make sure to keep this list update so from time to time you might find here new and interesting apps!

Investing apps

What makes so special as an investment tool is that it lets you invest in Pre-IPO Startups before they enter the market!

Ever dreamed about investing in Facebook, Tesla or google before they became public companies and generated millions for the shareholders? this is your chance!

With you can pick Pre-IPO starts that are doing their 1st or 2nd seed funding and get in on the action before anyone else has the chance!

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Although not exactly an ‘Investing app’ per se, Revolut is actually so much more then that.

Manage all your finances from one place, add monitoring and reporting to make sure you save and in control of all you expenses and Invest in Stocks, Crypto and commodities in super low to zero commissions! revolut has it all!

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Crypto apps



CryptoPanic is an amazing news aggregator platform that specializes on crypto!

Using CryptoPanic  you will find news events that impact the price and market of different crypto token and are essential for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

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