Finance, Investment, and money management books are one of our best resources in finding quality information, enhancing our knowledge base and building our financial education.

Check out some of the books i collected here on this list!

Investing books

One up on wall street

Considered one of the “must have” books on investing, one up on wall street shares the authors experience based knowledge on investing and simplifies the entire trading process buy showing how our basic understanding of the products and services we love can make us a lot of money.

Great for: Great approach to starting to invest, learn from investing pros & learn how to pick ‘moneybaggers’ that will change your portfolio.

Pioneering portfolio management

In the years since the now-classic Pioneering Portfolio Management was first published, the global investment landscape has changed dramatically — but the results of David Swensen’s investment strategy for the Yale University endowment have remained as impressive as ever. Year after year, Yale’s portfolio has trumped the marketplace by a wide margin, and, with over $20 billion added to the endowment under his twenty-three-year tenure, Swensen has contributed more to Yale’s finances than anyone ever has to any university in the country.

Great for: Creating a financial blueprint for investment from Yale’s chief investment officer.

Financial management

Rich dad poor dad

Money master the game