the journey begins 

Now, that I have made the leap to start my financial journey (check it out here in my last post The journey begins) the question of where to start is starting to become a lot clearer.

Should I immediately dive into the deep end and start investing? what do I need to know before I get started? Do I even have enough money for this? Do I need to let go of things in my life to be more financially independent?

Well, tons of questions, that’s for sure.

You have to understand, I have never did this before.

Sure, like all of us I constantly worried about my finances, I constantly checked my account balance and always wanted to make more money, but to be completely honest, I never really did anything about it!

As someone wise once told me, when in doubt – research!

One thing that I have going for me (and for all of us actually) is that today the info is a lot more accessible than it used to be.

So I opened my web browser and started blasting away:

How to become financially independent, how to make more money, how to save, how to get out of debt? how to start investing, how to understand the financial market?

I might not know much by now but one thing I sure know is how to browse for questions!

One thing became almost immediately clear when searching the web, the one thing I noticed is how everybody seemed to be an expert!

‘I will teach you how to make millions’, ‘learn how to invest and make millions!’, ‘become financially independent in 7 days!’, ‘trade crypto and make millions!’…

 The list seemed endless…

Everybody with a website apparently was an expert trader or investor and amazingly they were willing to teach me how to become one, without any doubt, and only for 99.99 USD for a quick bulletproof satisfaction guaranteed course!

well, although I still doubt it sometimes, I’m kinda convinced that I’m not an idiot.

This stuff is hard enough to get through without having to rely on snake charmers and promises makers.

This led me to my first rule. (I will be adding those as I go along, feel free to check my current list under My rules )

 rule #1: If you dont understand it yourself, it isn’t worth anything

P.S Check out the resources i did end up using in my research on the resources section of the lonelyinvestor but clicking here on websites

It is really important for me to first establish the best access to the highest level of information before I make any investment decision and that is why i decided that before i choose any investment tool or product I will do some proper research first.

In my my next post I will focus on some of the investment products I found in my research and what makes them different from each other.

(FYI, although I am the lonely investor, but the whole point of me writing this and this entire blog is so we won’t have to be that lonely in our financial journey – together we can know so much more and support each other! Leave a comment, let me know what you guys think, tell me about your experience so we can all learn together and make the most out of each post and understand what we really want to know more about! )

Written by The lonely investor
Hello, my name is Dan and I'm the lonely investor. I am just a regular guy that has decided to take my financial life to the next level.Join my journey on Investing, Stocks, Crypto, and the financial managing of our lives so we can achieve freedom. after all, isn’t that’s what it’s all about?